Bulk Email Services

Isconic is the leading Bulk email services providers that your business can use to send bulk email, bulk email campaigns and newsletters. We blast email campaigns for our customers by our highly dedicated team. We are the best bulk email marketing team in Singapore, Australia. as we are in market from last two years and we have many customers. We also provide services like email marketing software, email advertising, email newsletter. We provide services to small scale industries and also to big companies for one time user and also for regular email marketers. Our services are cost effective for the customers and we also monitor the user activities by our team.

Our services are reliable and huge infrastructure of mail servers so we have many customers who made us become a leader in bulk email service provider in Singapore. Why one should use mass mailing service ? The answer is very easy. Mass Mailing is an essential component of modern email marketing strategies. Today customers need fast, reliable and powerfull mass mailing system. Isconic will deliver you a perfect mass mailing service. With the help of mass mailing we can send the mail to any part of the world in just few minutes by which you can defeat your competitors and get best results for the customers. Customers are choosing Bulk email service of Isconic because of special offers event invitations and promotions and they need not need to install any software to configure mail servers

With our service you can get a 30 Day trial with no credit od debit card. you need to just mail us and we will take all hassle for you.

Bulk email service provider in India

  • ISCONIC advanced bulk email marketing tool
  • Web-based bulk email sender
  • Send & track bulk emails in real-time
  • No email software or SMTP to setup
  • Free bulk email newsletter templates
  • Supports embedded images
  • No setup and hosting fees
  • Send mass email from anywhere
  • Proven technology for mass emailing
  • Email messages templates
  • Easy html message editing