Website Maintenance Services

If you have a website and want to be seen in google ranking then it should be well optimized and managed for that it requires regular or monthly management. When our team is with you, you no need to worry for it they will make changes on the website pages, track website by google analytics and also email and other functioning of the website. We are the fastest growing company in website changes and maintainence also for a cheap price and packages shown below.

Website maintainence not also includes only changes, update, look and feel but also to update your website and fix the errors on the website. Isconic has been into website maintainence for last two years. If you want to update your website and run your website smoothly you can contact us by filling the form freely and sending any query if you have about our charges and plans or our services. Our maintainence services includes Business website, E-commerce sites, Personal Blogs, Business Social Profiles, Blog Management, Non-Profit websites, Web applications, Landing Pages etc.

Website maintainence is a quick process. Whenever you want to change or update any changes you can just call us or drop an email for the changes and we will complate the required within 24 Hours or as specified time. Programming and changing UI design is not included in our packages. Our website maintainence services will help you to retain your customers to long term and laoyal to the business also customers will visit the websites repeatedly as websites is updated frequently. We are the one who provide the lowest prices in website maintainence. We are very quick in providing maintainence services and technical support in 24 Hours. We will make stress free on maintainence part.

Our web maintenance service will help to retain existing customers and give them novelty, compel them to visit your site repeatedly. Also we want to help our customers to relax and have a piece of mind while we are doing stress free website maintenance for them. We are offering one of the lowest packages. We are quick, professional and available for technical support around the clock. We will save your precious time and hard earned money.

Website maintainence costs very less and have very large benefits. It can be defined in two Plans:

1. Pay as you go:

It is on hourly basis . If you have very less changes or want the changes only once then this plan is fit for you you will have to pay us hourly i.e Pay as much as you have work Each hours charged is fixed 200 INR.

2. Subscription Plans

If you have a static website or e-commerce website and you need to change your content and products on website or anything more we have introduced different plans as per you requirements which we have listed at the end of the page as package.

All our website maintenance subscription plans include the following services, here are list od some services we provide:

  • Increase conversions.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Hands free website experience.
  • Up to date website.
  • Changes in the menu.
  • Product changes, additions.
  • Pricing changes.
  • Fixing broken links, addition of links.
  • Product / service awareness.
  • Submit changes 24/7.
  • Promotions and sales.
  • Changing of pictures.
  • Content changes, text changes.
  • Employee, address, e-mail changes.
  • News updates and 99% uptime.
  • Posting job opportunities.