Presentation Designing Services

Did you know that 30 million PowerPoint™ presentations are delivered every day? Most are poorly conceived, with little time spent on developing structure, content and design. Imagine presentations where messages are considered as a whole, with your objectives in mind. Audience Alive™ is all about effective presentation design. We turn bullet points into visuals. We turn isolated presentations into a rich tapestry of ideas and cross-references.

Many clients are moving away from linear-based PowerPoint™ towards interactive app-style presentations. This encourages greater responsiveness and buy-in from the audience. Audience Alive™ offers this type of presentation made in PowerPoint™ so it can be easily updated by your team. On the right is such an example:

Infographics are a current trend we love, since they condense content into a simple form. We create infographics from existing supplied presentations, removing many bullet points in the process.