Logo Designing Services

By far, one of the most exciting and challenging projects that a graphic designer will take on is custom logo design and brand development. The nature of custom logo design is such a fundamentally important undertaking, as it will serve as the cornerstone or foundation of a business or product. A logo or brand is often a very personal piece of marketing material for a business owner. A logo design must use creativity and intuition, paired with years of experience, to figure out the best way to tap into the business owners’ vision to create a custom logo design that is not only professional, but also long lasting. Through an exploratory process a good graphic designer will narrow down initial logo concepts to a final logo design, or identity, through a process of great teamwork and deliberation between a logo designer and client.

Below are some of the custom logo designs we’ve created for our fantastic clients. If you’d like to learn more about our strategy and process behind some of these custom logo designs we invite you to read the case study.

However, a logo on it’s own is not able to support a company’s marketing efforts. Most organizations rely on their custom logo designer to create a complete branding identity system, or corporate identity manual, to serve as a guideline for anyone working with the brand, ensuring consistency across all media.

A brand and a logo are often mistaken for one and the same, but in fact one is part of the other. To clarify what makes up a brand, we need to look at the three main components: branding, identity, and logo.