Development of software applications is always a complex and a time consuming process. But thanks to those high-end PHP frameworks, that developing an agile application has now become easier and faster. That much needed app maintenance and scalability is now possible with the set of these highly functional frameworks, which compiles well with all the development standards and keeps your code organized, in a way, helping your application to evolve and grow over the time.

Thus, when time constraints are a big issue and you also want a high quality app in this limited time, then it is the best to use the frameworks. These let you dedicate more of your time towards specific tasks and functionality and will result in sustainable and high quality code. So, without much ado, take a look at the list of some popular PHP frameworks. Check them out and use them to build interoperable and agile applications.
PHP web frameworks have an ecosystem of their own in the world of web development. PHP frameworks are used to build websites and web applications of all sizes and complexity, ranging from small static websites to large scale complex enterprise content management systems.

PHP is the language of choice for web development with almost 80% of all the existing websites breathing on PHP code. It would have been next to impossible to create such a huge web footprint by developing web applications using raw PHP code from scratch. It is the power of PHP frameworks that has fueled such a massive growth.
Why Use PHP Web Framework?

When we look at modern web development needs, the key to success is speed development with well organized, reusable and maintainable code, all the while ensuring scalability. The best way to achieve this is by using an existing, proven PHP framework.

Frameworks offer ready to use components, libraries, enforce proven architecture, ensure separation of model, view and controller logic (MVC paradigm), abstract you away from the low level security concerns, enforce file and code structure, and the list is quite long. In short, PHP frameworks make web development fun and make you more productive.

Selecting the right framework, however, can be challenging at times. In an attempt to make the selection process a little easier, we have analyzed most of the PHP frameworks out there in the wild and listed below the 10 best.

These are the frameworks that are actively maintained, popular among developer community, promote modern web development practices and make it possible to build websites and web applications of all sizes and complexity.