Terms and Condition

You can submit your website information required for your website designing. We are the one who can analyze and soon we prepare a quotation for you. As soon as we receive the conformation on the quotation send by us we start analysing on it and answer any additional query you may have. Once you are happy with the facilities provided by us and return the quotation along with the agreed deposit and we will get to work on a draft web design on your approval.

You can use our website services and packages under some terms and conditions. We will send the proposal to you and you need to reply with the approval and can mention if any requirements or deny if not agreed from you. By accepting the mail you will accept the terms and condition also the privay terms mention on the website. If you do not accept and reply the mail There cannot be a mutual contract or deal between us.

Isconic have the rights to modify, add and remove any terms at any time without informing any of the clients. Any changes will be immediately effective for the company and our services.

You agree to review the term of use and privacy policy from time to time during our contract of services.

  • The client approval is required for the start of the services offered by us.
  • Domain and webspace renewal fee will be charged every year as the original cost or per incrased rate provided by us.
  • We take 30 % advance before starting, 20 % on design, 30% on functionality and 20% on completion of the project.
  • We provide 3 months maintainence support on the agreement date.
  • Maintainence support includes changing of content, hosting, domain, email any leftover on the website.
  • Adding of pages, plugin and any new add on on website is not included in the maintainence support.
  • We charge 30 % as maintence support for a year.
  • No cost is refunded at any time cancellation of the project after the acceptance of the contract.
  • After the website is created and handed over we are not responsible for website gettiing affected by malicious software, spyware or virus.
  • If a client wants to transfer the domain or webhosting. He/ She will have to contact 40 days prior to the completion of the renewal.
  • Cpanel details will be handed over when requested by the client. and after handover Isconic is not responsible for any changes made on website.
  • We are not responsible for legal contradiction of the website. Also it is client responsibility to ensure the website contents with the current online trading laws and regulations.

Note : Isconic reserves the right to change the policies, guidelines and disclaimer at any time without any notice.

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